Sugar Crystal
Tutorial Ingredients

The ingredients to make sugar crystals are very simple. It is basically saturate the water with the maximum amount of sugar that allows. In this case it is 1 glass of water for 3 glasses of sugar.


Heat the water in a pan and when it is boiling, remove it from the heat and add the sugar little by little until the water is saturated and the sugar crystals are completely diluted. Wet a cotton thread with the water and saturated sugar liquid and mix it with sugar in the dish, so that the small crystals are added to the liquid. I thread the saturated solution tied to a horizontal stick so that it is in the center of the container without touching any surface of the container. TIP: Wait until the mixture of water and sugar cools before putting the cotton thread inside, or the crystals are diluted with heat.


Let the mixture stand with the sugar-filled thread in one place, without moving it for several days

7 days after

These were the results after 7 days of growth at rest in the glass container. The sugar crystals also began to grow on the surface and at the bottom of the container. But we can see that the crystals of the thread are perfectly defined.


These are the results when removing the critals from the saturated mixture. Once you take them out of the container, you wash them with water so that they do not sin. And you can put varnish of nails so that they are stronger and do not break.

Some aplications

The structure he made was linear, to create a necklace or bracelet. This is one of the possible applications.

Magnetic Alum Crystal
Tutorial Ingredients

The ingredients to make a magnetic alum crystal are: 200 ml of boiling water, 70 ml of alum powder and 10 grams of iron powder.


Add the alum powder to the hot water until we see that all the powder in the water has dissolved and a highly saturated mixture remains. Dip a fishing line in the solution saturated with alum and then wet it in the powdered alum, mixed with the iron powder. Once the water is cold, put the fishing line in the solution and wait 2 days for the crystals to form. The crystal impregnated with iron dust is now magnetic and reacts with the magnet as we see in the video.