Orange peel
Dry the orange peel

I used the peels of tangerines to make this biomaterial. The first process has been to let the peels dry 4 days at room temperature. Once dry, I have crushed them in a food processor, I get an orange powder.


15gr Agar, 5,6 gr glycerin, Cornstach 15.2gr,40gr tangerine powder, 61gr Water at 65C.

Mix with water

1.Mix cornstarch and agar in a bowl,mix until homogenous, 2.Mix with tangerine peel, 3.mix in water over dry mis, stirring, 4. Mix in glycerin, mixing with spoon and then kneading with finger tips, 5. Press into molds

Createting texture

For the vonoroi texture, I have printed in 3d a stamp, to be able to press the material and leave the pattern on the surface as a texture. Voroni stamp

Creating pattern

For this prototype, I thought about using a stencil on the tulle fabric, to create a volumetric pattern made with the orange peel biomaterial.

Expand in the fabric

By expanding the biomaterial on the stencil has been embedded in the holes of the tulle fabric, fixed on the fabric in a very stable and durable.

Fabric Detail